Fergus the Friendly Fu Dog Cover

As part of the Let’s Make Picture Books group, I developed this new picture book cover portfolio piece. Fergus the Friendly Fu Dog is fictional story about a fu dog and his human friend Maddie. Fu dogs, also known as guardian lions, are a Chinese symbol of protection – primarily seen in front of temples or places of importance. They are always seen in pairs – a male and female – and usually stone sculptures….

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Pete The Taxi Truck Spread

This is a 2-page illustration spread for a children’s book that’s part of a larger story about a pickup truck that comes to London to be a taxi. The black cabs, famous in the city, treat him badly since he’s not like them.

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Deep Sea Explorers Club

I created this children’s book illustration piece for the Deep Sea Explorers club as they set out to explore the wreckage of the Titanic. The idea was to make creatures of the deep sea seem lovable and I wanted the scene to feel fun and colorful.

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Best Friends Picture Book Spread

A spread from a fictional children’s picture book about two best friends that love to listen to music every day after school. Kyle’s dog Gus liked to do his best to sing along and the boys think it’s the funniest thing ever!

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Children's book illustration for cover of The Clever Little Tailor

The Clever Little Tailor Book Cover

I created a faux cover of this German fairy taleThe Clever Little Tailor as an exercise in children’s book illustration. It’s a crazy tale of a smart young tailor who outwits a bear to win the hand of a princess. The project allowed me to explore some new textures and a fun hand-lettered treatment for the title.

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Pen and ink illustration of Figure 4 Farmhouse Ale beer label artwork

Craft Beer Can Illustrations

I am in love with craft beer and the craft beer label illustration and design that goes along with it. For inktober, I decided I wanted to have some fun with it and design my own beer can art! Alternating each day, I would create one new ink drawing on the first, then color it and mock it up on a beer can for the second.

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Let’s Work Together!

Hi there! I’d love to partner with you on your next illustration or handlettering project. Let’s talk about how I can bring some fun personality to your children’s book or editorial illustration, hand-painted mural, quirky lettering piece and more. Read more about me here.

Commercial project inquiries: [email protected]