Craft Beer Label Illustrations

I am in love with craft beer and the craft beer label illustration and design that goes along with it. For inktober, I decided I wanted to have some fun with it and design my own beer can art! Alternating each day, I would create one new ink drawing on the first, then color it and mock it up on a beer can for the second.

Inktober is a daily drawing challenge that takes place throughout the month of October each year. It was initially started by illustrator Jake Parker and today has hundreds of thousands of participants from around the world. In 2019, I decided to take a stab at it, but in my own way.

Color artwork for Figure 4 Farmhouse Ale beer label

This is the post that inspired it all! Inktober provides a one-word prompt each day. The first day of 2019 was “ring.” I really didn’t want to draw something super obvious. So I did some word association and just started brainstorming what to do. Ring. That got me to bathtub ring. Then, circus ring. And finally wrestling ring! I grew up LOVING wrestling and used to watch it with my Dad all the time. One of my favorite wrestlers was Ric Flair and his signature move was the Figure Four Leg Lock. I’m pretty happy with how it all came out and that I stuck with doing something unconventional. Check out the rest of my craft beer label illustration fun below!

Craft Beer Artwork